Richmond Beach is 5 minutes away from the Academy and is one of the most special beaches in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, because it has one of the most important wetlands in the nation.

Wetlands play an important role in our ecosystem, because they can prevent flooding, monitor water level, furthermore filter and purify the surface water. They create a safe living area for different animals, insects and plants. In Richmond Beach the wetland area is in danger, because of sea level rise, fishing and mining activities.

On the 20 January 2015 a restoration project, called “The Richmond Coastal Conservation Initiative” started with the collaboration of Richmond Vale Academy, the Police Co-operative Credit Union, the Forestry Department, the Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority when 100 trees – fat pork, neem, almond and sea grapes - were planted along the beachfront. The local tree species were chosen by the Forestry Department to be planted, because they are strong, can survive and offer a good protection and shelter for other plants and animals.

This action made steps towards to mitigate further erosion at the Richmond Beach, which has been battered by numerous storms over the years. This beach is also one of the vulnerable places, which faces the effects of climate change from first hand. The effects of rises in sea levels, storm surges and severe flooding in the Richmond area seriously impacts on the beach. The Climate Compliance Conference take a special good care of the planted area and monitor the growth of the trees.