To become more sustainable with carbon neutral energy we built a small bio gas plant.

The biogas plant consists of very simple technology. The main part of the biogas system is a large tank, called the digester. It’s called a digester because it is a large black tank filled with bacteria that digests organic waste and gives us the biogas. Inside this tank, bacteria convert organic waste into methane gas. We feed the biogas plant with a mixture of kitchen waste and water, with domestic organic and kitchen waste, like fruit and vegetable waste, with other organic leftovers and liquid or solid manure from animal farming, in our case from pigs and horses.

The methane gas produced inside the biogas system is used sometimes in the kitchen of the Academy for cooking, lighting, and other energy needs. However, this system is a work in progress and still needs some development.  The system also makes wastewater that is rich in nutrients. This water is used in our organic garden, and we pour it over the plants to help them grow.

Watch this fun video with the Climate Compliance Conference team 2 – who constructed the biogas plant!