As many Vincentians geared up for what is usually considered the happiest most festive time of the year disaster struck

The disaster struck and left hundreds frantic and heart broken after receiving news of deaths, or directly receiving major damage and/or loss of their homes, vehicles, livestock and other valuable resources. Amongst the resources lost due to heavy rainfall resulting in flooding, landslides, and water bodies overflowing their banks are: electricity, roads, bridges and the precious commodity; water.

The Central Water & Sewage Authority worked diligently to restore running water in many communities around the island. Most efforts by the company were done mainly by the company's employees. However in the North Leeward villages this is not to be. Hand in hand with individuals from North Leeward, teachers and students from RVA joined forces with the C.W.S.A to speed up the process of water restoration.

Over twelve heavy duty pipes measuring approximately 12 feet and weighing well over 60lbs have been transported manually into the rugged mountainous terrains to re-connect or replace those that have been broken or lost due to the extensive weather damage. Shoveling, pecking, scooping, transporting of materials (lumber), rebuilding of water stands was also on the agenda all in an effort to assist in getting the lives of the community members back on track.

Since the intercession of the team from RVA members from the C.W.S.A have reported that the work process has been speeded up considerably cutting the water restoration schedule from an expected seven days down to three.

On Monday 30th December The Richmond Vale Academy also treated the community volunteers to lunch, in an effort to further extend a helping hand to the community. We extends deepest sympathies to those affected by the passing of the trough.