Gone are the days when we knew we had good quality food for our table. Today, we have a variety of foods from which to choose.

Unfortunately much of the food we are consuming is either denatured or devoid of their natural health and energy promoting essential nutrients, simply due to the processing and the refining of that which is good and wholesome. For example, brown rice when made into white rice loses as much as 100% of its health benefiting nutrients.

We are being brainwashed into thinking that wholesome food is a thing of the past and not as good as what’s produced in the laboratories of giant chemical companies now turn food experts. Not coincidentally we are also witnessing a rise in the some of the most curable of the “so-called” “incurable” degenerative non-communicable diseases e.g. cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, cancers of various kinds and so on. Another assault that has been thrust upon us is the proliferation of GMO products.

Genetically Modified (changed, tampered with food) Organisms e.g. 85% of all corn are changed, modified or their genetic structure is altered, so that these items can remain on the supermarket shelves for as long as possible or until you get around to purchasing them. GMO foods are being forced on us by the law-makers hence they are becoming more and more difficult to avoid. Another name for these GMO products is Frankenfoods.

This is a reference to the Frankenstein monster which was created in the laboratory a mad scientist. The natural molecular structure of plants has been genetically changed to produce these Frankenfoods or GMO products. Consider what your home might look like after the builder has made his changes without your knowledge – you won’t know until you begin to experience the resulting problems. For every human God, JAH, ALLAH – PBUH has not only used a blueprint i.e. our genes, he also ensured that when we humans reproduce, our genes i.e. the blueprint he instilled within us will produce an offspring that is similar to its own kind.

With GMOs/Frankenfoods the blueprint or genes of the vegetable, fruit, fish, animal or whatever the food has been altered into something else i.e. something other than the plants and herb yielding seeds God had intended for our health, our healing and our disease free sustenance. GMOs/Frankenfoods are relatively new and we are not quite sure as to the long term effects on our health and our bodies.

Currently over 90% of genetic research in agriculture is solely for the purpose of creating a plant that is cheaper to grow, easy to transport from one continent to the next, however far away, maintain a fresh look upon arrival and have an indefinite shelf-life. According to one survey of food crops 93% of the genetic changes to our food is to make food more profitable. Only 7% of that research is done for the purpose of improving the taste of or the nutrition valve of our food.

A manufacture’s sole aim is to make a profit at the expense of yours and my health. GMO/Frankenfoods are Trojan horses bearing unknown substances that if we the public knew what they contained would not eat them.

GMO/Frankenfoods are carrying unsuspected unnatural gene combinations, toxic material and allergy triggers, which can be detrimental if you have food sensitivities, in tolerances or allergies. The unnatural substances are not listed in the ingredients list on the food item. As a result there is hardly any safety testing. Therefore you have no way of knowing exactly what you are eating and how safe it is. Unfortunately it’s not until we begin experiencing the liver damage, kidney failure, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, hypertension or heart disease we realize it’s what we’ve been eating all along. So, what are you eating?

Stan Horne 


The Rose Clare Natural Healing Clinic
St. Vincent & the Grenadines
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