The small group from Richmond Vale Academy and the big group from all over St. Vincent can produce the miracle of making St. Vincent Climate Compliant by 2021. Have no doubt about that. The small group from RVA consists of students from all over the world who join The Climate Compliance Conference for 1 or 6 months and the group renew itself every half year, and the children of St. Vincent will grow up to the tune of Climate Conference troubadours. While they grow up, St. Vincent will change.

The first team started in March 2012 and for the first three years more than 80 people have joined the standing action conference. People from all ages, backgrounds and nationalities joined in. You can join one of the next teams so get in touch today!

The 1 and 6 months Climate Compliance Conference Teams start:

  • 1st of March
  • 1st of July
  • 1st of November

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Outline of the 6 months program:  

Period 1: Gaia Warns You - 14 days

In this period you will have teacher conducted courses about Global Warming, Climate Change, Sustainable Agriculture, Pollution, The Oceans and what we can do together to adapt to the changing climate in St. Vincent and around the world.

Period 2: Digging Deeper - 14 days

In this period you will dig into the digital library and you will have your own individual organized study time. There are three major themes within DmM to choose from, these include, Climate Compliance Actions for Food and Water, Climate Compliance Actions for Energy, and Climate Compliance Actions for Protection Against Global Warming and Climate Change. The idea is to provide an atmosphere that initiates curiosity, through reading, writing, and lots of debating. (example of topics)

Period 3: Making RVA Climate Compliant - 1 month

In this period you will prepare and do your first MAIN TASK (example of a main task) of making Richmond Vale Academy Climate Compliant, with a good take-off from the second period. Within this period matters are moved theoretically and practically within the Three Anchor Themes (Food and Water + Carbon Neutral Energy + Ready for Climate Change) and the ten-year perspective of the Climate Compliance Conference.    

The Three Anchor Themes are:

  • Climate Compliance Actions for Food and Water
  • Climate Compliance Actions for Energy
  • Climate Compliance Actions for Protection Against Global Warming and Climate Change

Period 4: Making St. Vincent Climate Compliant - 2 months

In this period, from your base at Richmond Vale Academy, you will be reaching out to the island of St. Vincent and its people, sounding the warning, leading by example, mobilizing people for collective and individual actions, and throwing the anchor out into the future towards Climate Compliance for all.   (example of a main task) (example of another main task)

Period 5: Our next large endeavor 1 - 14 days

Creating the Next Large Endeavor number one, taking a point of departure in the overall plan and goals for the 10 year Climate Compliance Conference, and determining what you think should be the Next Level. Preparations can be made during period 4. "Information" can also be a large endeavor. (example of a large endeavor 1)


Period 6: A Sweet Follow Up - 14 days

The idea is to identify one main task with two tasks attached following the actions in period 5. We think of the people we met during the actions in period 5 and organizing so that we can include them during this period 6.  (example of a follow up)

Period 7: Our next large endeavor 2 - 14 days
Creating the Next Large Endeavor number two, this time absolutely practical and with many people participating some of the time. A highlight for the team. (example of a large endeavor 2)

Period 8: Our Proud Legacy - 14 days

The idea is to gather writings, reports, photos, and videos to hand over to the next team and then arrange for a day at Richmond Vale Academy with or without sleep-in for at least 100 people. A big farewell amidst big debates. (example of an open day at RVA
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