“As a Vincentian I should say, we are mighty blessed to have them here. ” – by Harlyn Williams

I was invited to the one-month course of the Climate Compliance Conference, which simply deals with how to make St. Vincent more Climate Compliant in terms of living a sustainable lifestyle. Growing our own food organically – absolutely no chemicals – and less import will save us a lot in many ways. We wouldn’t have to buy all this chemically imported stuff, so less costs on our pockets, and health-wise, meaning less visits to the doctors because we’re eating right.

RVA is a school after school, a place where you can learn a lot of stuff etc. how to more responsible, build your communication skills, teaches you agriculture and history, and a lot more – just to name a few.

It’s a place where you can get the information, your school left out or even the information people in higher authorities fail to reveal. In terms of health and education on a whole, for example they fail to educate us on GMO products and what it really means, and the dangers of consuming GMO products.

During my one-month course I learned a lot about GMOs – Genetically Modified Organisms. And from what I understand it’s a means of making money but poison the nation slowly. If it wasn’t for RVA and it’s Climate Compliance Course, I would still be unaware of this. Just imagine taking genes from a monkey and putting into something we eat because it makes the produce bigger. It’s bigger, but is it healthier? Definitely not!! So my slogan is: “Say no to GMO! No! No! No!”