How I improve myself and how this time prepares me for my future.

Growing and learning at Richmond Vale Academy

Volunteer programs in general are not only helping to improve current situations, like control of epidemic diseases, building up cities after natural catastrophes or like us fight climate change, but are also helping the volunteers enriching their life and making new experiences.

I arrived four months ago here in the Richmond Vale Academy and I can not compare these four months of my life to any other period of my life before. This experience is simply amazing and I am glad to made the decision of taking part in such a program.

Over all, the lifestyle here in RVA helped me growing a lot in several aspects which I am going to specify now:

One big lesson that I was taught here, is to live in a community. A community life is only working if all participants are fulfilling their part of work, like for example to clean their cleaning area and to help in the kitchen once a week. I learned to accept cleaning as a daily aspect and learned to life on my own, which means to wash and clean alone, take care of my own businesses, life and interact with people from different countries and all this in addition to the actual program.

Another important aspect was that I learned a lot about gardening and many other physical working experiences. For example, we built a barbecue, built a fire place, worked with a lot of bamboo and simply gained a lot of knowledge through different teachers and of course while finding out by ourselves how certain things are working.

Since every volunteer has his or her own reasons why he or she came here, it is also a different kind of experience for everyone. For me personally, I just wanted to see more of the world, to help improving our environmental situation, to get to know a different culture and to improve myself personally. Therefore I improved myself in a lot different aspects that I wanted to improve, for example to be more self-confident and open minded.

I am setting a few smaller goals every week that I want to achieve in that week and that is helping me a lot to grow personally.

But the most important teacher are the other students. People from all over the world are coming together in volunteering programs and therefor, I learned the most while spending time with them. Every single person has several strong points and things that he or she is experienced with, which offers us the opportunity to learn every day new things while getting to know different culture. Since we live here all together, we can just go to the next room and having a great conversation by asking whatever is on our mind.

After only four months of living and working together with my team, I can honestly say that we have grown from strangers to a family that works really good together.

All these mentioned aspects and of course some smaller aspects around, helped me growing up and getting to know myself better. This means that I know what I want and I feel more comfortable and self-confident with myself which prepares me very good for my future and I am sure that I can use the experiences made here in many situations that are facing me in the future.

Of course I can only say this for me, but as I spoke to others, they experienced similar self development progresses. So, no matter for what reasons you are interested in volunteering, it is a great opportunity to learn and grow. I can highly recommend everyone to make such an experience in their life.