The students of Richmond Vale Academy (RVA) have taught about the environment, with a focus on recycling and reducing pollution from trash in six North Leeward Village Primary and Secondary Schools. This took place in the period between the 1st of November 2012 and the 1st of March 2013.

The Climate Compliance Conference

The Climate Conference arranged 5 lessons in every village. Young and old received lessons about; how to protect the environment, about how to recycle and have learned about ways to adapt to the challenges of Global Warming and Climate Change.

The teaching lead up to a ‘Trash March’, with one hundred people marching from Petit Bordel to Fitz Hughes, picking up trash, with a ‘Trash Pick-Up Competition’ between six schools called “The World’s Cleanest Country Competition”. Troumaka Primary school won, followed by Fitz Hughes Primary School and Westwood Methodist School. The winners have received music or sport equipment for their school. 

Brief overview of the sponsorship

  • Transportation from RVA to teach 30 lessons in six schools and mobilize for the trash pick up actions – EC$1,300
  • Teaching Materials – EC$200
  • Trash Pick Up March from Petit Bordel to Fitz Hughes, 100 T-shirts with Mountain Top logo, trash bags, gloves, lunch and refreshments- EC$2,500
  • World’s Cleanest Country Competition
  • Prizes to schools (1000 XCD)- EC$2,000

Total – - EC$6,000


The campaign was broadcasted on NBC radio in February,

We FM with Selly and Kata in November and on Focus North Leeward.