SVG Association of Music Professionals  partner with Richmond Vale Academy Climate Compliance Program and NEMO

The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Association of Music Professionals (SVGAMP) launched its Global Environmental Facility Small Grants Program project  today, 26th November.

The project is entitled “Education Entertainment to Influence Behavior Towards Climate Change Adaptation in Vulnerable Communities in St. Vincent”.

Secretary of SVGAMP, Joffre Venner, said that the project seeks to utilise drumming to influence behavioural change among Vincentians to mitigate the effects of disasters, which are the result of climate change.

The program is supported by the Richmond Vale Academy Climate Compliance program and the National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO).

In her remarks at the launch of the project, Principal of the Richmond Vale Academy, Stina Herberg, said that climate change is a global problem which must be addressed at the policy and community levels.

Deputy Director of NEMO, Michelle Forbes, said that NEMO fully supports the initiative, which comes at an opportune time given the various disasters that have affected this country in recent years.