Before sharing our experience about our artwork on the walls of Fitz Hughes Governmental School, we would like to ask a question to ourselves and to the readers...

What do we understand when we talk about art?

We can answer this question with very diverse opinions and none of them would be wrong, because art comes from our inner nature, it is a product of our imagination and creativity. It means that as our imagination, it is infinite. The problem comes when our creativity is limited by cultural, social, or even an educational set of beliefs.

In our opinion, the work of the artist is contemplating the reality in which we live and with very deep focus try to see where are those limits, comprehend them, and after that, send a message that can question our daily lives, our habits, and even our beliefs; in a way that can keep the attention of many spectators.

So art can be a message, coming from within us, a message that comes with a new perspective, and of course, with the mission of improving or making an effect, little or big in our life.

Why do we decide to make our art in a school?

Because we believe that education, especially when it is for kids, is like planting a seed; that at some point it will bring fruits... only time will say if our art and what we wanted to share was worthy.

We decided that wall painting (mural) was the most accurate technique for us to represent the message we wanted to share with the kids in the
school and with all the people; that at some point during the day they pass by the school walls. We chose this place because we have been living in Richmond for the past six months and Fitz Hughes is like our second home. We thought it would be fair to give something to this place that already gave us a lot of joy and reasons to smile.

Principal of Fitz Hughes Government School Mr. Robertson liked the idea of approaching environmental awareness in a different way, in which human search for freedom is reflected as a spiritual connection with environment.

What is the bird? What does this bird represent in our life? What are we keeping in a cage; taking away from it all the possibilities to be free? Is it our creativity, our freedom to dream? Is it our mind? Is it our heart?

- Emiliano, Natsuko, Shinishi