Starting up the St. Vincent Climate Compliance Conference in North Leeward in 2012.

We started the conference in 2012 with a campaign called "Let's Talk Green". We talked to 250 people in 5 North Leeward Villages to find out how to start off the ten year action conference. People knew the climate was changing but not everyone knew why. We knew that we had to do something to get ready for climate change. 

After several discussions and workshops we decided to start with reducing pollution and clean up beaches, rivers and streets along with teaching lessons in schools, clubs, churches, colleges and door to door.

The lesson topics were; Global Warming is serious, What is the Greenhouse effect, Why do we burn fossil fuels, Advantages of organic gardening, Healthy living, Renewable energy and Waste reduction.

We made a special campaign to focus on teaching in the schools in North Leeward. During 2012, 40 lessons were given in the Chateaubelair Methodist School, in Fitz-Hughes Government School, Petit Bordel Secondary School, Rose Hall Government School, Troumaca Ontario Secondary School, Troumaca Government School and West-Wood Methodist School Coulls Hill. 

In total 80 students received 5 lessons from March till September.