We have been really excited to finally see the Grenadine island Bequia and work with children from the handicapped school, a preschool and an elementary school.

Our first school on our schedule was the Sunshine handicapped school and we had prepared some games to teach them how to play games with recycled materials. It was basically the idea to reuse old newspapers and plastic bottles and change them a little bit in order to have a funny game instead of throwing this trash away.

So, after a quick introduction, we folded the papers into a paper ball and fixed it with tape all around so that in the end we got a nice stable ball. This ball in addition to empty plastic bottles can now be transformed everywhere easily into a bowling game. We just had to put the bottles into a good order and the kids were already throwing the paper balls in the bottles’ direction.

What was also really good, was that the classroom offered a basketball basket so that the children could also play basketball with the paper balls. It was a great success and the students had a lot of fun playing with us and I think the message behind it was getting clear: instead of throwing away trash, one can simply reuse it.

Before leaving, we left them a few Moringa trees so that they can plant it around the school and with that we went on with leaving a good memory in their heads.

The next school was a preschool with children that were between 3 and 6 years old which made it at some point a little bit hard to teach them because, I personally, do not have the skills to teach them properly by keeping them quite and interested. But nevertheless we had a great time with them and we taught them about the importance to eat fruits and vegetables in a fun way and in the end we tried to let them be creative.

So, the first game was like a puzzle where the children had to say which fruit or vegetable has which color. After guessing the right color, we told them the superpower of the fruit or vegetable which underlined the importance of eating them. After that we let them draw whatever they liked and in the end we created with them a poster with all their drawings.

This was the experience of the second day we spent in Bequia. Over all, it was a great experience working with different ages and different schools. It was also a lot of fun and generally, it reminds me again how important it is to teach children already in the beginning of their lives about recycling and healthy eating, simply living with our environment and not against it.

Written by Robin Dewald - Climate Compliance Conference March 2015.