In celebration of World Environment Day 2014, the Richmond Vale Academy – in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Wellness & The
Environment – held a recycling rally in St. Vincent.

This rally is part of a series of activities to sensitize the public on the benefits of taking small steps to save the environment in the line of efforts to
build resilience to climate change. The recycling of plastic bottles and cans started in 2013 in St. Vincent and this project aims to promote among all Vincentians the benefits of recycling bottles and cans. Through this project we demonstrated the rest of the nation how to get into recycling.

We targeted 11 villages in North Leeward to recycle on this day. First the Climate Compliance Conference participants went from village to village and talked about the rally, the benefits of recycling, they have put up posters and handed out flyers.

In each village a recycling pick up point was organized and the people who first brought more than 1 kilo of plastic bottles or cans got a
T-shirt, a water bottle, a cap or a journal. Each person’s contribution was weighed and registered, and each collector receives money for his or
her bottles and cans.

The rally became a great success and a total 25 000 plastic bottles were collected and transported to the SVG Tidy recycling point in Campden Park.

Thank you to the OECS RRACC Climate Ready Project for the support to carry out the Recycling Rally.