One day we were tired of looking at all the trash around the streets and schools in North Leeward and we decided to clean up!

We made a plan, found a sponsor and decided to involve students and teachers in the schools. The schools willingly signed up and we organized a Big Teaching Project, which led to a trash pick-up competition called “The World’s Cleanest Country Competition”. Prizes were even distributed to the best trash collectors.

The Conference students arranged 5 lessons in every primary and secondary school of the 8 villages from Fitz Hughes to Spring Village. Some issues that were touched on include, how to protect the environment, a focus on recycling, and reducing pollution from trash.

The topics of the lessons were:

• Global Warming and Climate Change
• Organic Gardening and Sustainability
• Nutrition and Healthy Living
• Reduce-Reuse-Recycle
• The treasure called WATER

The actual trash pick up competition took place in each village on the 23th of February 2013. All the participating schools had to mobilize and organise themselves. A wide variety of people came out, such as, students, staff, families and other different community groups. On this special event people came together to collect trash on the streets, rivers and beaches.

The winner of the competition was given to the school who could mobilize the most people and collect the most garbage in a period of two hours.

Trash bags and gloves were provided at the registration points.

And the winner was…… Troumaca Government School and they received 500 dollars. The second prize went to Fitz-Hughes Government School and they received 300 dollars while West-Wood Methodist School in Coulls Hill came in third. The winners were free to choose how to spend the money and could buy things such as sports or musical equipment for their school.

Big Thanks to Mountain Top for sponsoring this event!