I strongly believe that everyone needs the re-education that RVA offers.

My time at the RVA was time well spent and significantly rewarding, even life-changing!

RVA offers an enriching experience to interact, share, cooperate and learn from other people of different backgrounds and cultures. RVA's core programs dealing with climate, environmental protection, food safety and natural and sustainable methods of farming and living are quite relevant and timely in today's fragile and volatile economic conditions and in light of the increasing threat of the degradation of the Earth's natural resources.

As a past participant in the one-month Team's climate conference program for mid-year 2014, I strongly believe that everyone needs the re-education that RVA offers, especially young people. It is critical that they understand the environmental challenges that we are faced with today and to be exposed to incredible knowledge on sustainable living and such things.

The enthusiasm and energetic vibrancy of youth are the ingredients necessary to effect changes to ensure an improved quality existence for now and future generations. If you're given this opportunity today to be part of the RVA experience, it is unwise to let it pass.

I hope this is ok

Love Son-J
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