Teachers and activists hand in hand with the people of St. Vincent planted and distributed 10,000 Moringa trees in January 2014.

This tree is a miracle of nature, called Moringa Olifeira, what has a manifold of health benefits, advantages for agriculture and possible income generating projects. Besides this the tree planting campaign is part of The St. Vincent Climate Compliance Conference.

Before the tree planting action, Richmond Vale Academy prepared a teaching campaign all over St. Vincent to spread the knowledge about this amazing tree and raised the public awareness in the media with regular appearance in local television, newspapers and radio.
Moringa is a miracle tree to plant for a climate compliant future. Richmond Vale Academy is fighting global warming by planting Moringa trees with the Vincentian people. We planted the trees in 20 of the poorest villages.

Together we gave birth to a new SVG!

Before the distribution action we already gave out 900 trees directly from our nursery, hundreds of people from all over the country came to visit our climate centre and received their trees with of information how to use it. 

St. Vincent and the Grenadines is part of a Global Initiative to plant One Billion Trees around the world. The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and The Green Belt Movement supported Richmond Vale Academy and St. Vincent in its’ action to plant 10 000 Trees.


Minister for Technology and Communication
Minister for Technology and Communication
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