At Richmond Vale Academy food forest we have planet twenty different Caribbean food trees

like; mango, plum rose, Barbados cherry, papaya, guava, sugar apple, golden apple, sweet soap, sour soap, sweet carambola, sour carambola, coconut, tamarind, cashew, pomegranate, coffee, bananas and ofcourse moringa. We can proudly say that we are sustainable with fruits and we can provide our school with fruits, don’t need to buy anything imported.

We have developed the garden over several years and most of the five hundred students that have participated in programs since 2007 have done one or several actions to develop the food forest.

Furthermore we are developing the food forest to be able to produce nutritious and healthy food for our animals. Recently we completed a big action where we planted 650 moringa trees to provide the feed to our pigs, chicken and horses.

Besides feeding ourselves our aim is to not buy any animal feed in the near future.