The ministry of Agriculture and The Climate Compliance Conference teamed up to replant in the North Leeward Villages that was declared level two disaster by the Government after the trough system the 24.12.2013.

Before the tree planting action the Climate Compliance Conference built a tree nursery at RVA and set all the seedlings. Inside the nursery, tables were built out of local materials, like bamboo and gliricida.

In October, participants went to identify community groups in North-and South Leeward. The community groups were successfully mobilized to take part in the planting action. Trees were planted in November and December in many locations like private lands, backyards, common areas, road and riverbanks.

The majority of the trees planted were Moringa trees along 300 other trees provided by the Forestry Department like; Breadfruit, Mahogany, Sweetsop, Carambola and Tamarind.

The Mustique Trust funded the action.