In 2014, St. Vincent and the Grenadines won a Gold medal as the “Most Active Country” in the ENO Treelympics.

Environment Online- ENO is a global virtual school and network for sustainable development. Since the launch in 2000, over 10,000 schools in 157 countries have joined ENO and made concrete deeds for the environment like planted trees. ENO made a strong commitment in Rio+20 Summit about planting 100 million trees by 2017. To boost the tree planting campaign the "Treelympics" was initiated in 2014.

The Ministry of Health Wellness and the Environment in collaboration with The Ministry of Education invited Richmond Vale Academy as an implementing partner to plant trees with all our schools.

This became a great success!

St. Vincent was ahead of all of the Caribbean countries, as well as many of the other 114 countries that were participating from around the world. The Climate Compliance Conference registered 100 schools across St. Vincent to participate in the tree planting.

A nursery of local materials was set up and moringa seedlings planted. The Forestry Department gave mango, avocado, and other trees for beautification. Each school across St. Vincent and the Grenadines planted on average 15 trees. Students, guided by their teachers, representatives of Richmond Vale Academy, parents, and members of their community engaged in this very important action together.

The main sponsors were OECS (Organization of Eastern Caribbean States), Scotia Bank, and Richmond Vale Academy.



Registering the Schools


Planting the Seedlings


Olympic Games in Tree planting - St. Vincent in the lead




Greetings from the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Camillo Gonsalves