Michael, who lives in Layou, has been farming his whole life. Supporting local farmers in vulnerable areas is crucial.

One way to support the local farmers, is through tree planting to stop soil erosion on their farms. By taking these measures to prevent soil erosion, this also helps to ensure their production. The teachers and students planted 100 moringa trees at Michael's farm in Mount Wynne, Central-Leeward.

For a long time Michael has wanted to "Go Organic" and his aim is with the beneficial Moringa trees. By planting the Moringa trees he is able to start a small business and reforest his land. The trees are growing well and his family has started to use the leaves of the plant in their everyday diet.

Return to this article in a few months from now to have an update from Michael's organic tree farm. 

Meet Michael in this small video clip talking to Kata