I was indeed amazed by how much I actually learned in this short period of time.

Demetrius: I had no idea what GMO's was ...

I was invited to join a one month course in Climate Compliance Conference at the Richmond Vale Academy. I was told that during this one month course I would learn how to make my beautiful island St Vincent and the Grenadines more sustainable and climate compliant.

My one month program began in March and ended in April. At first I thought “how much can I actually learn this one month period”. I must say that I was indeed amazed by how much I actually learned in this short period of time. My team consisted of four other members than myself, during my course we had a lot of action taking place such as getting our hands dirty in the organic garden; planting tree, visiting historical sites, and travelling to various communities where we would educate people on the effects of GMO’s.

Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) are teamed organisms that have been altered to produce a more efficient product. This is the process where you take a gene from specie from one and place it with another gene to make one product.at first I had no idea what GMO’s was but after doing this course I have a broad idea as to what they are, and I am indeed grateful for this knowledge because it’s quite scary because a lot of us are not conscious of the dangers in the food we consume on a daily basis. Imagine taking a gene from a monkey and placing it into a tomato to make it bigger. Yes it’s bigger but is it healthy? Therefore we need to “Hell No “and pay close attention to our labels in order to avoid these poison foods (GMO’s).

We also participated in the building a model garden in Rose Hall. The objective of this project was to make a garden from organic and recycled materials. This was my favorite action for me and my team we had a lot of fun in doing this. We also visited the thirteen stones and the petroglyphs, at first I had no idea of what they were or how useful they were to our countries history.
RVA School is a school and a home at the same time. They have a lot of information to offer. The teachers and other students are really amazing. The most amazing thing about the school is that there are other students of different nationalities such as China, Germany, Iran, and a lot more. They learn from us about our culture and we learn about there’s. I am really happy that I took the opportunity that was given to me to be a part of this program because I learned a lot and I am really happy to go back not only in my community but in my country and share about all that I have learned.